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About Teqnet

Welcome to Teqnet Solutions, your trusted partner for cutting-edge Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions, specializing in the Augmented Offshore model. In our Teqnet model, clients retain complete project control, steering goals, priorities, and timelines. Augmented staff or contractors then execute assigned tasks, offering scalability without the typical hiring hassle. Unlike conventional outsourcing, clients directly select offshore team members, overseeing tasks, schedules, and training. Our forte in the offshore staff augmentation sphere lies in recruitment, retention, and management. We take pride in sourcing top-tier talent, ensuring their longevity, and enriching client experiences through a dedicated manager model. Teqnet Solutions caters to clients seeking augmented staff support across diverse business functions such as Administration, Accounting, and Legal services.


To be the premier catalyst for transformative growth, bridging international businesses with untapped potential in Sri Lanka. We aim to set the standard for innovative and empathetic outsourcing, creating lasting value for our clients, team, and the communities we serve.


To empower international businesses through scalable, cost-effective solutions by connecting them with top-tier talent from Sri Lanka. Guided by a growth mindset, a people-centric approach, and a commitment to empathy, we redefine outsourcing to drive sustainable business success.

Our solutions


Leveraging the rich educational landscape of Sri Lanka, we offer Accounting, Finance, and Bookkeeping..

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Empower your law firm’s growth with our Legal Services. Specialising in areas such as commercial law, corporate..

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Achieve unparalleled efficiency with our comprehensive Admin Services, tailored to meet the diverse needs of ..

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How it works


Free consultation to find out the exact requirement. Our experianced consultants

Talent search

After understanding the exact requirement we screen applicants from our extensive network


After conducting a thorough skills assessment we shortlist the candidates that fit the requirement.


A dedicated account manager assists in setting up KPI’s to assess performance of the clients

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Teqnet offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to facilitate the hiring and management of offshore staff

Our Impact In Numbers



Accounting outsource companies in Melbourne – Clutch2024



Cost reduction compared to inhouse teams



Of CEO’s report increased focus on core business






Increased operational efficiency

“We empower the control and customization of offshore subsidiaries at any scale.”

“We offer an extensive array of services, facilitating clients in effectively managing their remote teams.”

Our Core Values


Driving success through scalable solutions that enable our clients to grow and adapt in a dynamic business landscape.


Valuing our clients, team, and communities, fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment.


Embracing challenges as opportunities for innovation, continuous improvement, and success.


Guiding our actions with unwavering honesty and ethical principles, fostering a foundation of trust and accountability in all aspects of our operations.

Continuous Learning

We embrace a growth mindset and are committed to continuous learning and development.


We foster a culture of collaboration and teamwork, recognizing that our collective efforts are greater than the sum of individual contributions.

Our Leadership

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