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Perfect Advance Job Costing and Construction

Perfect advance job costing package caters to diverse business segments and industries as it covers a broad area relating to costing, estimating, invoicing and monitoring.

Clients have the opportunity to develop a perfect solution that meets their requirements.

Perfect Anywhere

The sales force automation module mainly focuses on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of field sales activities.

Through this module, companies can monitor on-field sales activities instantly while representatives can receive updates from head office on stock allocations, route planning, sales targets and many more features that enable the sales personnel to focus on their core activities.

Perfect Workshop Manager

The perfect workshop manager is a useful package that caters to the needs of businesses particularly for those in sales, distribution, trading, logistics and warehousing related industries. With necessary customization and scalability, the package can be effectively tailored to meet the needs of multitude of business applications.

Perfect School Management

It’s a unique package which caters exclusively for schools, universities, tertiary education centres, campuses, and other institutions with students. This is a comprehensive software package that meets practically all aspects relating to student management and provides faster, convenient and accurate avenues to monitor and administer the activities of a large student body.

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